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ONE-TO-ONE Personal Training

A specialised training programme tailored to each individual. Achieve maximum results whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up or train for that first 10k!

Power Walking, Jogging, Running/Interval Training – Low, moderate and high intensity aerobic activity to burn fat, blast those stubborn areas and enhance your aerobic capacity. The fitter you become the more efficient your body will become at burning fat!

Body Sculpt and Tone – Focuses on conditioning and strengthening all of the major muscle groups and increasing lean muscle tissue. Improved muscle composition helps your body to use insulin and burn fat more efficiently, this is essential for weight loss and long term weight management.

5K, 10K, Half Marathon – A unique training programme designed with your specific aims and goals in mind. You will have the benefit of following a structured progressive programme, building your training up gradually and effectively reducing the risk of injury. Form will be evaluated and effective training strategies put in place to help you achieve your personal best focusing on your speed, strength and endurance. Nutritional strategies will also be introduced to optimise your performance.

Power Buggy Walk – Specialised post natal programmes designed to get your pre-baby body back whilst fitting it in around your busy schedule. This will involve low-moderate intensity aerobic activity great for targeting fat loss, along with a full body conditioning workout toning up all of the major muscle groups with special focus on strengthening the core.
Join with a friend/friends for discounted rates.

Training for age 50+ – Sessions involve a wide range of light exercises and/or chair based exercises to target fitness, weight loss, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. These sessions are designed with the older client in mind improving physical performance, increasing range of movement and boosting blood circulation.

Group training is a cost effective option splitting the cost with friends, family or work colleagues. Enquire for prices.

  • One-to-one Per Hour £30.00
  • One-to-one 10 week programme £250.00
  • Small Group Personal Training (up to 4 people) Per Hour £40.00


Gimmick free functional training combined with nutritional strategies to ensure you make progress over an extended period. Training is varied, challenging and fun to prevent boredom and ensure you make gains in your fitness. Examples of some of the training you will do at bootcamp are:

Tyre Workouts – Serious training for those of you that are not afraid to push limits! Great for burning calories and building up your core strength.

Circuits – A combination of body weight and resistance exercises and high intensity aerobic exercises to ignite your metabolism. Resistance exercises promote muscle development and tone and aerobic exercises offer increased improvements to your fitness level, boost metabolism and increase calorie expenditure. The high intensity training will enhance the after-burn effect meaning your body will keep on burning calories hours after the training has finished!

Kettlebells – An all in one strength and cardio workout that works every muscle in the body at once. Increase strength, develop endurance, enhance flexibility, build better posture, improve core strength, improve body composition and functionality.

Interval Training – High intensity training that elevates your heart rate and boosts your cardiovascular capacity. Great for targeting fat loss and enhancing the after burn effect!

Boxing/Pad Work – Excellent stress reliever and great for increasing the heart rate to the required level for fat burning.

  • 8 Week programme includes 3 training sessions per week + customised nutrition programme £149.00

Pre-Wedding Package

Do you want to look your best for your big day? Lose weight, fully condition your body, look and feel healthier and help manage the stress that comes with organising such a big event! Lose up to 1 stone with an intensive 6 weeks personal trainer course. This includes 2 x one-to-one personal training sessions per week, 1 x group class per week or a personalised programme to follow at home along with a nutrition programme.  12 weeks recommended for ultimate weight loss and body conditioning. Discounts apply for group training with friends, family or bridesmaids.

  • Per package £300.00

Pre-Holiday Package

Do you want to get that leaner, toned beach body in time for your holiday? Lose up to 1 stone with an intensive 8 weeks personal trainer course. This includes 1 x one-to-one personal training session per week, 2 x group sessions per week or a personalised programme to follow at home along with a nutrition programme.

  • Per package £250.00

Online Personal Trainer

Do you want a Personal Trainer but can’t fit it in around your work/family commitments? Then exercise from home with a varied and progressive programme. The Home Personal Training Programme will challenge you and help you to achieve results faster and more effectively. You can fit it around your busy lifestyle and have the benefit of ongoing advice and support from an exercise professional!

  • 8 Week course £80.00
  • 16 Week course £140.00

Hen Night Bootcamp

Do you want to start off your hen night with something a little bit different? The Hen Night Bootcamps offer a fun yet challenging workout incorporating team building activities. Activities are adapted for different age groups and fitness levels. Package includes 2 hour bootcamp, a personalised hen night bootcamp t shirt and a goodie bag!
Enquire for prices.

The benefits of regular exercise

  1. Reduces body fat and improves physical appearance
  2. Improves medical condition's such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, circulatory and respiratory conditions
  3. Strengthens the heart
  4. Reduces stress, tension anxiety and depression
  5. Improves sleeping patterns
  6. Increases energy levels
  7. Improves fitness levels
  8. Improves muscle tone and strength
  9. Improves balance, flexibility and co-ordination
  10. Enhances confidence and self belief

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